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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Tornadic thunderstorm in White Sands.

One of the least successful trips of my life ended (unplanned and unsought) in White Sands. A bit of weather like this would only have been icing on the cake. Think car trouble, and a plan to propose to my girlfriend that gang'd far a-gley.

As concerns your earlier scifi link, I was wondering if you've you read the Ray Bradbury graphic novel? Oh, and I apologized for my treatement of Neil's Coraline because I caught so much flack for it. Have you read Coraline? If you have, what did you thin of it?
Clearly I must include comment options on all my posts *:)

I have not read the Ray Bradbury comic book, which interests me strangely. 'Fo', as they say in certain novels, please?

I'm the last to quarrel with someone else's take on a book, so you needn't worry about me. I had read Coraline, which I certainly enjoyed. It also gave me an excellent idea for a Hallowe'en costume, which was to get some large black buttons and wiggle my fingers a lot as the Other [Odious].

Gaiman, generally, I dunno. I loved the Sandman comics (I have them all, and not in the new editions either), and I think they'll last, but then I haven't re-read them since I was eighteen. Stardust was lovely, but I haven't sought it out again. And so forth.

Wolves in the Walls I read at Powell's, and really dug on, just like The Day I Swapped My Dad, but they're not exactically aimed at my age group, except sidewise glancingly.

If provoked I will tell the story about embarrassing myself in front of about a hundred people, and what Mr. Gaiman did to make it worse. Later I babble about Herodotus.
P.S. I think the link on your site to the Graphic Novel is bad.
Thanks for letting me know. Because of my own ineptitude, I can't seem to get links to work from my website. I tried to make it link to something innocuous like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but, as you can see, I failed. There were other things I wanted to add to the page on the side bar, such as links to your page and Kate's, but I haven't gotten a handle on HTML yet. Any advice?
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