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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
A glimpse into my reading habits.
Emily to Sue, April 1864
Dear Sinai do'nt be angry--the Crickets are sorry for their Chirping--Lord what a noise the Wind made too--Vesuvius a'nt nothing to it....

Vinnie to Austin, April? 1864
...[torn] bursts into the house and races to Emilie's room and then I hear "G-d d-mn you Billy Collins get your hands off her" and Carlo barking and down comes C[ollins] clutching his trousers and D[avis] right after waving a horse whip and a [illegible]....

Sue to Austin, April? 1864
...I cannot get a sensible word from E she says that she is a wife without the Sign and wo'nt stop talking in Capitals about bees and gentians and I know not what.... Please bring back two dozen pearl buttons as Emilie's [illegible] has had them all torn off I am sure I do'nt know what to do....

Emily to Sue, April? May? 1864
Dearest North Wind tell Brother not to Scowl so at me from afar--I am not so Quick as he fears--and I know that Honor is its own Pawn--and the World has another Lamp when the Soul is shuttered.

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Did you smoke those rats? What are you reading?
This may help. (Or it may not. I'm also pretty well convinced that Emily was a vampire.)
Isak Dinesen undresses a woman far better than Billy Collins; Mr. Collins is a bit creepy 'bout it all.
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