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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Chas found it first and the Atomic Nerds personalized it, so in the interest of continuing Barbie ethnography, I'll offer some more easily overlooked specimens. Santa Fe has any number of them, of course, but particularly noteably to this blog's readership is
St. John's College [Santa Fe] Barbie: Available in a wide variety of hairstyles and body types, this Barbie's accessories include a bong and hardcover copies of Plato's Republic and the Fagles Iliad. Optional conversion kit to Eastern Orthodoxy available.

Española Barbie, Alternative Model: Includes long flowing robes and turban. Most commonly used with Santa Fe Whole Foods Market playset. Ken includes a dagger and a security business.

Truchas Barbie: Commonly mistaken for Española Barbie, Trucheña Barbie's accessories include an elk rifle, several yard appliances, stray livestock, and a kit to sabotage Santa Fe and Taos Barbies' vehicles when parked at local trailheads.

Steve is hereby challenged to offer up Catron County Barbie. Anyone else? I'd say glaring omissions include Tierra Amarilla, Roswell and Gallup Barbies.

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Isn't TA Barbie the second cousin of Truchas Barbie and pretty much the same, except for having sheep or (a few more) stock grazing on a permit?
Good Heavens, they're reading the Fagles translation these days? O tempora! O mores! Ou sont les neiges d'antan?
Better make that conversion kit mandatory - the number of Johnnies I knew personally who have since become Orthodox is up to 27.
I am with Odious. Does it have to be Fagles? Can it not be something respectable like Lattimore or the Loeb?
I very strongly prefer Lattimore myself, but that's not the preference I observed amongst the Barbies, as you should recall, Odious. Though in justice, my complementary copy from the school when I applied was Lattimore.

mdmnm: I suppose I had something even more Tierra o Muerte in mind. Related thought: my mother knows a guy from Mora who has a Chihuahua that will point when it smells elk. There's a cool accessory!
I think I had the Lattimore Iliad, at Reed, but Stanley Lombardo's has The. Best. Cover. Design. Ever.
BWAAAA!!! This made my day.

The St. John's barbie needs a Fagles translation for the pretty cover.

The Orthodox verison would have the Lattimore translation as well as a prayer rope - and would make small paper clothes to cover any naked people on the cover of her other great books (like the Canterbury Tales)...not that I...erm...know anything about that...
Got Catron County Barbie-- two versions-- up at Q. I wimped out on using Bernadette though!
Peculiar- there is definitely more of a Tierra o Muerte feeling to TA, but you gave a pretty good sense of that with the trailhead kit.
A pocket elkfinder! Man, if they could get that to breed true there'd be a whole new category of working dog!
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