Friday, August 29, 2008

A pretty good food meme: The Omnivore's 100, that is, 100 foods a self-respecting omnivore should try before he dies. Not all of them are commendable, which is as it should be.

I come in at a respectable 67%. But I agree with Rod Dreher that the real fun is to add five of your own picks to the list, especially as the original list is adventurous only in a rather predictable vein. My additions:

Odious? Querencia folk?

Update: Hmphhh... just realized that the list already has black pudding, which is essentially synonymous with morcilla. So strike that. Instead, let's go with morels.


Odious said...

I come in with a surprising 87%. I'm certainly up for arranging some sort of Omnivore Fiesta, wherein we get together and start knocking things off the list. I have some goats that've just been asking to be curried.

My additions:
Wild Strawberries
Freshly cleaned panfish
Beaujolais nouveau
Manioc (any form)

Kate said...

I'm not at all ashamed of my 52%, although there are a few things I wish I HADN'T tried (oysters... shudder... gazpacho... gag...). I'm quite proud never to have tried a Big Mac or anything made by Hostess. However, I have had gjetost (not worth the trouble) and steak tartare, and am rather fond of spaetzle.

I doubt my percentage will change drastically over the course of my life, but y'all are welcome to have your little Fiesta!

Steve Bodio said...

Querencia will be blogging it. I come in at the eighties I think-- didn't try to count accurately yet.

Peculiar said...

Yeah, we should make it an event for our corner of the blogosphere. Larissa, get back onto a proper continent! Three-Michelin-star joints are a little thin on the ground in our territory, but I could be talked into ponying up for the scotch. Odious, start reading up on fugu preparation!

Needless to say, out personal additions ought to make an appearance.

Odious said...

"Does this... does this look like an ovary to you?"