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Monday, October 06, 2008
Yup, New Mexico's a stinkin' desert. Nothing to see here folks, just saguaros and buzzards. Take dawn this morning, for instance:

Nothing to see... (click for better)

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I couldn't see any snow on the Sangres from down here but figured that cold rain must have been fluffy at elevation. Love the shot of the glowing aspens in and across the canyon.
Excellent pictures. We didn't get any white stuff 'round here, but the cold snap was enough to shake most of the color off the aspens that had already turned (well, those scrawny excuses for aspens that have grown since Roy Weaver's little lesson in "don't play with matches" in 2000). I'm hoping there were enough unturned that we'll get another bout of color since the first run only lasted a week or two.
I MISS IT!!! We gots fog in Seattle...woo.

But it is very true, what you wrote about folks' impressions of NM. Some Emerald City dwellers think it is a barren wasteland, what with all the nuclear bomb testing and such.

However, a few have been to Santa Fe and are ready to move - so watch out!
When we were in Kodiak, we really enjoyed being asked, "So how are you New Mexicans holding up to Alaskan climate?" "Hate to tell you, but Santa Fe gets colder and snowier than Kodiak." And yet it's a much less squalid climate.

First hard frost in town this morning, plenty more snow up high.
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