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Monday, October 18, 2004
By way of congratulations on their new move, here is some sage advice to Mrs. Odious and Meg, quoted from memory, from The Way We Live Now by Trollope:
Certainly there are instances when it may be necessary for a woman to kill a man-- especially in Oregon.
As for me, my dearth of posts is due largely to my opinion that my personal life is not a particularly worthy or seemly subject for blogging. And as almost all my doings and mental energy have been in the personal sphere for quite some time now, I haven't had much to say to my public audience (if it still exists).

Here it is in a nutshell, though: I'm moving to Alaska day after tomorrow, to Kodiak. I will be teaching and tutoring in a rather informal manner at a very small Eastern Orthodox private school, St. Innocent's Academy (where I will, to my delight, be keeping company with Jack, who's doing more or less the same thing). I have myself begun to explore/engage/grapple with Orthodoxy, and I will be continuing that engagement in Kodiak, very intensely I expect. Fear not, secular readers: I do not intend to start blogging on Orthodoxy to any large degree. For one thing, it's definitely very personal stuff to me right now, in which I am very inexpert, and I'd be most uncomfortable chronicling my own religious endeavors in public, as uncomfortable as I suspect most of the public would be in reading such a narrative. For another thing, my computer access will be very limited, much as it is in the summer. I will try to write something for the blog however, probably more long the lines of bi-weekly essays than pithy invective strewn with links; Odious will have to keep the latter covered. No promises: until I settle into a schedule, I have no idea what I'll be able to accomplish. But I hope I will be able to tell some tales of boreal flora and fauna, North Pacific gales, volcanism, smothering winter darkness, local lunatics, Aleutiiqs, Russian colonial history, and competing with monstrous bears for precious precious salmon. For actual, realized text this blog may lack; for potential subject matter it certainly does not.

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