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Saturday, November 13, 2004
News from the North

Peculiar has written me, and given his permission to post some of his letter. The bad news is that, for the predictable future, he won't be blogging. He's far too busy.

There's much more good news. He's working as a roofer, which is mostly "trying not to fall off icy roofs or through rotten ones or both at once. It's nice though, doing honest work outside, with good views." He's also teaching a bit of Euclid at St. Innocent's.

He has also become an Orthodox catechumen, for which I honor him. The intensity of study and self-examination is not easy. He's seen the Northern Lights, and made a pilgrimmage to the grave of St. Herman of Alaska.

I'll post more when I learn more, and especially after the "bounds of propriety" he invoked in his letter are firmly established.

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