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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Dandies. On the whole, I'd rather be a fop. Or ne'er-do-well. Or maybe just a toff or a swell.

Via Manolo, in turn via Belmont Club.

UPDATE (and I'm sorry):

I Shan't be a Dandy!

I may be a fop or a ne'er-do-well
You may name me toff or swell
But a Dandy I shall never be
Were I dragged down into Hell!

With cravats and shoes have I paid my dues
To the deities of style
But no one shall me a Dandy call
Without a duel--or a cutting smile.

CHORUS (I may be a fop, etc.)

Oh the fairer sex is often vex'd
By my witty repartée
They giggle and blush with their pink cheeks flushed
'Tis a pretty little sight to see.


I know I'm there at all fashionable affairs
And I'm kitted up to the nines
But howe'er spiffily I'm dressed yet I ne'er shall confess
To a dastardly Dandy's crimes.


So you see although I'm quite the beau
A dude, a buck, a blade
Yet a Dandy I shall constantly deny
'Til in the ground I'm laid!

Continuing the Dandy theme, I note with a glow of pride that O & P now ranks on Google searches for oojah-cum-spiff.
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