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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
My stars, but I adore the "next blog" button:

The Triogram is commisioned to operate independantly of our thoughts, It is the exacted means by which infinte intelligence, Transcibes its messages of though betreen messenger and spectato it is also the means by which the delivery of the re-occurant event occurs.

Necessarily it is tapped into our brains by means with which we do not know how, and the purpose of the commision is to substitue our desires for further explorative comssions, Creatively examine the trigram for you most primary thoughts and you will discover the you that is behind your thoughts,

Messages recived are beneficial only if acted upon, and that is why it is necessary to regualtethe commsion within the standards of your interactive mindm the mind which is inside you , but know only the comission you set up it with yout thoughts and thought sugesstions.

Congruently the will the is commissioned to become our own is the will that is exercised by the primary mind of God. This mind is the interactive and intuitve mind. It is also the mind that regulates the time and spacial relations of matter and material objects.
The Believer's Guide. I have this sudden urge to drink Pepsi....