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Saturday, January 05, 2008
The following manually type-written letter was on my desk this morning, with a note from my boss:
Please see me about this.

All was sic.
The 90th Birthday made L- the Queen of Queens, and I was happy to share this appreciative Wonder of the World so that it was doubly fun to make for the Employees some Barbecue Pork Ribs (nice Jewish goodies) my annual thank you.

As M- would tell you, I'm looking for a copy of recipe, the one which was name 'L-'s Recipe' which called for a certain type of Stewed Tomatoes from (so they said was in Washington State)raised. And having been a study of qualities of foods in my initial Wholesale Grocery, I called to ask "What particular area in Washington is it?" THEY WOULDN'T TELL ME until I sort of tempted them to be a special so that I didn't complain and guess what, It is going to be given to me to keep out of trouble, and I believe the [Grovery Store] is going to be honored so you all will become famous if M- finds the Soup*which your group called 'L-'s Soup'. *recipe.




Tee - hee! Sorry, but I see comments like this all the time - from parents!
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