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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Megan McArdle provides the definitive food quote of the month (yes, I'm aware it's only the 3rd):
I abhor fake meat. If you really want anonymous grade-z vegetable matter pulverized into tiny pieces, assaulted with various chemicals, and then processed into something that at least superficially resembles a chicken muscle, I suggest you have the processing done by a chicken.
Indeed. And, mildly apropos, we are eagerly anticipating the impending delivery of our half a pig, from just a few miles down the valley. And to flaunt again without shame the agrarianism of our environs, Mrs. Peculiar recently noticed the following (paraphrased) on the wall of our bank:
Dear ________ Bank,

Thank you for buying my 4-H pig _______. She is very nice and smart. I hope she tastes good.
I'm sure she did, darling, no doubt she did. And no doubt ours too will attain such glory.