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Monday, July 14, 2008
Major Flash Flooding in Santa Fe!

This was just a couple hours ago, right off the main drag in Santa Fe (St. Francis and E. Alameda, for those keeping score).

You could hear boulders rolling over in the flood and feel the bridge shaking. The SF River was going pretty good, but it was child's play compared to the arroyo (above) draining in from the north, which was easily running 1,000 cfs.

Well, I'm off to run the Grand Canyon for 18 days, and the Colorado won't look much different from the Santa Fe tonight. Hold down the fort, Odious! In the meantime, if you're bored enough, you can entertain yourselves at my photo website. Enjoy!

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When I saw the top picture, I immediately thought "whoa, is that Alameda?". I guess NM never leaves you. So that is not mountain melt (we call it glacier melt up here) -- just lots of rain? Crazy! I hope you and Jack stay safe :)
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