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Saturday, May 15, 2010
This may well interest no one but me and Proclus, but here it is anyway: Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes. The specific search feature works best if you just want to browse; you can filter by region and by type of tune. Obviously, it helps to be mildly conversant in Finnish geography and music. This polska was a nice find (click here to listen, and click the image for a clearer view):

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Midi files?! Try the hard stuff.
Midi files and sheet music are like crack for those of us who actually play this stuff at home, on our own instruments. Did you ever listen to Hedningarna (The Heathens), Chas? I'm rather fond of the track Tuuli (Wind, posted at the link): rock beat, Lappish joiks, a willow overtone flute (no holes), and a Finnish prayer for Ukko to send winds to blow down all the churches. With good Lappish Witch Rock out there, who needs Scandi Death Metal? Bitchen album cover, though!
Actually, I do have one or two Hednigarna CDs. Karelia, anyway.
No love for Finntroll?
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