Friday, February 04, 2011

Kazakh music to brighten up your Friday:

The BBC's Human Planet Explorer site is not recommended if your time is valuable. But it does have Abyssinians fighting off raiding cliff baboons with slings, Shetlanders dressing up as Vikings, among much else.

This, for instance, is bound to go viral. You saw it here first, alas.


Larissa said...

I'm so used to facebook that I expected this blog post to have a "like" button, and am a little miffed that it doesn't. I guess I will have to spell it out then. I "like" this.

Peculiar said...

So sorry to make you engage the words-string-together-meaning part of your brain! Though considering you just put up 1,500 well-crafted words at your own place, I think you're probably equal to the task.

Kazakh music is surprisingly accessible. Their folk songs have a lot of really beautiful long-drawn melodies that wouldn't be much out of place in, say, Irish music.