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Monday, January 27, 2003
Well, Odious and I have acquired a weblog. It was inevitable in the long run. In regard to any dreariness, typos, or offensive rhetoric, we will be entirely unapologetic. Our dreary interests are our own, and no one need indulge us in them; typos just seem to happen; and offensive rhetoric is a dying art, may we rise to the challenge. Similarly, we currently have no forum for comments, and do not intend to provide one. Unlike some, we have the trappings of busy lives (i.e. jobs, unpleasant ones) and have many better things to do than attend to the unsolicited opinions of strangers. E-mail too is likely to go unread, and almost certain to go unanswered. The flow of information here will be one way; those who desire their own soapbox can, thanks to our current freedom and technological brilliance, easily acquire one.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Odious' and Peculiar's excellent day, allow us to endorse to following. I. Bass Ale. II. General Tso's chicken; we don't currently know who he was, but if his chicken is any indication, he was a man an ell long. III. Gin and tonic; brands are unimportant, but the concept built an empire and won the hearts of the tasteful world. Cheers.